The perfect modular energy-saving system

What is Self-consumption?

When one or more photovoltaic systems are properly calculated so that they produce enough electricity to cover self-consumption by your home, business, or industrial establishment, power no longer has to be purchased from your electric utility. This type of energy savings, producing power oneself, is called self-consumption.

Advantages of self-consumption:

  • Large savings on your monthly electricity bills.
  • Generate your own clean energy.
  • Non-polluting, converts clean, renewable energy straight from the sun daily.
  • Energy is generated right where it is used, no losses over electric transmission lines.
  • Avoids CO2 emissions harmful to our planet.
  • Modular systems that can be readily expanded as needed.
  • High-quality modular system products.

Self-consumption systems connected to the grid are composed of the following main components:

  • Photovoltaic panels 
  • Inverters or micro-inverters for connection to the grid.
  • A bidirectional meter (where surplus power is sold).
  • Smart "Zero Injection" control for dynamic regulation and control of the power delivered by one or more inverters based on the customer's own consumption data (in case of Zero Injection)

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