Gel batteries


    Gel batteries are also stationary and thus also have long a service life. The difference lies in their use of gelled electrolyte, so they do not need maintenance and can be placed in any position for operation.

    The gel battery product line consists of 2V element monobloc batteries and gel batteries in monobloc containers specially designed for medium and low-power photovoltaic solar energy applications.

    OPzV battery racks are also separately available, please contact our Sales Department.


    • Excellent cycle performance: 800 cycles at 60% 10C depth of discharge (at 20ºC)
    • Dryfit® Gel. VRLA Technology
    • Lower energy consumption. Cost savings
    • Sturdy design. Solid even under extreme conditions
    • Deep discharge resistant. Higher long-term energy supply
    • 100% recyclable. Lower carbon footprint