Zero accidents goal


Zero accidents goal

Atersa, an Elecnor Group subsidiary, committed to the objective of zero accidents

With the target of a zero accident rate in the workplace

In recent decades, the business sector has reached new levels in terms of workplace safety. As a result of this, organisations have, once and for all, become aware of the need to establish specific guidelines and measures to mitigate any risks. They complement this by developing correct surveillance practices and periodic health checks.

In this context, it is essential to have healthy working environments which favour and strengthen the productivity of the internal stakeholders. Likewise, worker’s rights must be duly protected and they should be aware of this at all times.

In the case of the Elecnor Group, an organisation that is committed to the safety and well-being of its employees, five main measures have been established for risk prevention in the workplace. They are:

  • Conducting ongoing inspections of activities, machinery, special clothing and transport. 
  • Providing the worker with safe and efficient means and materials, whose quality has been duly tested.
  • Identifying the dynamics or activities that put health at risk. Eliminating them completely or redesigning some points in order to make them safe.
  • Constant running and dissemination of awareness-raising campaigns aimed at employees.
  • Forming a team specialising in specific techniques that may be used on a daily basis to prevent possible risks. 

It should be added that the Group, in relation to its objective of a zero accident rate in the workplace, constantly monitors its activity to prevent possible problems in the future. The idea is to detect the risk long before the accident happens and thereby avoid it. In other words, not just acting when the danger is full-blown. The identification of any possible risk will involve an immediate reaction, by looking for the best possible way to neutralise it.

These measures apply both to the Group’s own workers and those of the companies collaborating on projects. In this way, the Elecnor Group, aware that its employees are always its most important asset and capital, is committed to encouraging ethical and responsible treatment that not only guarantees their health but also their safety.