Our Commitment


Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Atersa's goal is to develop a reliable organisation that provides a framework for advancing its Corporate Responsibility to the benefit of the societies in which it is active, seeking a brighter future for the generations to come.

The company has formally set out the main principles underlying its Corporate Responsibility model as a means of sharing its values with all its stakeholders.


Commitment is the fundamental value pervading all its relationships with others, customers, employees, shareholders, vendors, and society as a whole.


Credibility is the overriding concern when setting global challenges, specific objectives, and controls for auditing actual results. Elecnor's long-term aspirations take the form of strategic plans shared with the organisation, markets, and society at large.


Elecnor Group implements stringent policies in the areas of total quality, the environment, and health and safety.

Reputation and reliability

Elecnor's reputation and reliability have been built up over its more than fifty years of doing business. Its approaches and solutions are in constant flux, yet it remains steadfast in its spirit of service and values.


As an organisation, Elecnor is always evolving, open to new ideas and technologies, the standard bearer of some of the most transcendental advances in its areas of activity. Innovation is the cornerstone for all its business endeavours.