The CSP Box 12™ 1kV


The CSP Box 12™ 1kV

The CSP 12™ 1kV Box

The CSP-12 1kV is a junction box that facilitates the grouping of series of panels with protections and current monitoring of each series. It has inputs for 12 strings of up to 10 A and 1000 Vdc.

General description of the equipment
  • Parallel connection of up to 12 series of 10A per series (*).
  • Disconnecting fuse terminals for DIN rail screw connection.
  • Disconnector on the output line to the inverter that allows disconnection under load.
  • Protection of each series of panels by means of 1000 Vdc fuses in positive and negative (*).
  • Overvoltage protection, with visual and remote fault signalling; easy replacement in the event of a fault.
  • Fault indication in series.
  • LCD display and keypad for monitoring the most important parameters and alarms.
  • It implements two communication protocols available to the user, ATERSA's own protocol and the standard Modbus protocol, both over RS485 interface. (Predefined ATERSA's own protocol)RS485 communications output and alarm output by means of a potential-free relay.
  • Polyester enclosure, IP44 for outdoor installation.

The CSP-12 1kV allows verification of the energy generated by each series and the total, the instantaneous power of the box, the status of the surge protection, the current of each series and the total output current and the busbar voltage without the need for measuring instruments, which facilitates the tasks of installation, verification and commissioning of the installation.

Maintenance of the installation is simplified by the permanent monitoring of the operation of each series, generating a warning in the event of any anomaly being detected.

The electronic monitoring module that incorporates the LCD display is adapted to the base by means of connectors. In the event of a fault, it can be replaced by a new module directly without the need for adjustments.