Energy solutions for distant locations. Remote, self-sufficient, i.e., off-grid, power supply, ideal for regions where no connection to the public power supply grid is available or perhaps none is planned because of the high cost of building an electric power distribution network, especially in distant rural areas.

The MINI-GRID system supplies the electric power these areas require, supplying power to single-family homes, street lights, water pumping stations, or whole rural towns over a local electrical grid separate from and unconnected to national public electrical networks.

MINI-GRID system components:

  • Photovoltaic generator
  • Grid-connection inverter
  • Off-grid inverter/charger
  • Batteries
  • Diesel generator set (optional)

The diagram shown is for a photovoltaic generator grid connection and a grid-connection inverter, with optional bidirectional battery backup and a diesel generator set using an inverter/charger.

When there is surplus power in the system, the batteries are charged (inverter/charger as the charger). Power previously stored in the battery (inverter/charger) is used when output by the photovoltaic generator alone is not enough to meet grid power demand.

A diesel generator set may need to be used, especially in months when solar irradiance is low. Using the inverter/charger, the generator set is capable of meeting grid supply demand and charging the battery at the same time.

Examples of Atersa MINI-GRID systems: