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About us

Our history

As a result of the merger of the companies ELECSOL and ATESOL, founded in 1979 and specialised in the distribution of photovoltaic solar material, APLICACIONES TÉCNICAS DE LA ENERGÍA, S.L. (ATERSA) was born in 1983. (ATERSA) was founded in 1983.

Since its beginnings, Atersa has developed, manufactured and marketed all the components necessary for the configuration of a photovoltaic solar system through its own production lines in Valencia and sales offices in Madrid and Valencia.

Among the first projects developed by the company, the installation and commissioning of numerous photovoltaic systems for the supply of electrical energy for navigation lighthouses, telecommunications repeaters, rural electrification, water pumping and public lighting, among many other applications, stand out.

Atersa has a production capacity of up to 344 MW at its factory in Almussafes (Valencia) of more than 20,000 m² and at its different sites. Today, Atersa, a subsidiary of Grupo Elecnor, provides highly specialised engineering and supplies the best integrated solutions for solar systems in national and international projects, offering technology that takes advantage of the renewable and clean energy that the sun makes available to us every day.